A great school together

Kyneton Primary School Parents and Friends Club supports the school community through fundraising, strengthening family connections with the school, and providing further learning and engagement opportunities for students.

The great work of our school Parents and Friends Club means:

  • Our vegetable gardens thrive
  • Our students have greater opportunities for imaginative play
  • Families have a stronger connection to our school
  • Students can have fresh fruit every Friday
  • Our school amenities are improved.

We are currently focussed on leading the fundraising and design for the new site at Edgecombe Street. Our gardens are filled with cuttings and seedlings to fill the new gardens, and we are exploring opportunities for funding different elements of the grounds.

In 2015, our fundraising efforts were committed to bring a Play Pod to Kyneton Primary School. Now in full operation, the Play Pod is full of reclaimed equipment – from lengths of material to barrels to drums and ropes. The play opportunities are endless, and we love seeing the mini engineers, designers and builders taking ownership of the Pod Scrap each lunch time. The Play Pod is completely student directed, including the responsibility of putting the Scrap back in the Pod at the end of each session.