Supporting Our Students


Kyneton Primary School community nurtures a caring, safe and happy environment which promotes self-discipline and responsibility, mutual respect and tolerance, self-esteem and genuine pride.


Student Welfare

Jo Wedgwood is our Pastorial Care Staff Worker.  She is employed under the National School Chaplaincy Program. Jo provides support and assistance to our students and families.  We also have a Student Welfare Officer, Ms Julie Arnephy who develops student welfare resources, opportunities and strategies.  

Kids Hope

Kids Hope is a program supported by World Vision. It provides one on one mentoring for some students providing them and their families with additional support where needed. All mentors complete a detailed training process before visiting the students. Kids Hope works hard to improve opportunities for mentored children in the areas of education, self confidence and well being. This project is supported by the Kyneton Baptist Church.

Each morning from 8.30am, the school runs a Breakfast Club. A tireless band of volunteers provide toast for students prior to the start of the school day. Without this band of volunteers, the program could not run. 

And every Friday, parents  prepare fruit for students.

Breakfast Club & Fresh Fruit Friday

Support Staff

The school has access to a School Psychologist and Speech Pathologist. They attend the school at specific times each fortnight. Students are referred to these staff upon receipt of parental permission.

Teachers provide organised lunchtime activities for students. These include sport, games and extra time in the art room.

Lunchtime Activities

Excursions occur throughout the school year and are generally linked to a class theme. Providers also come into the school to entertain the students.  Incursions such as these can include musical presentations, Australian Ballet and dramatic presentations with a social skills message.

The school also has a number of family events throughout the year. Keep an eye out for more information in our school newsletter which is published each Wednesday.

Excursions, Incursions & Special Events 



Dan Petro Forums for Teachers, Parents and Families

Below is a link for the powerpoint presentation from the Kynton4Schools forum, held in Kyneton on August 4th, 2016, where we had Dan Petro share his message of the importance of family/school partnerships, clear and simple goal and rule setting and fostering realistic resilience along with his simple and easy to use strategies.

>> PDF download of Dan Petro presentation from August 4th, 2016