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I extend a warm welcome to all families of Kyneton Primary School and the wider school community.  Kyneton Primary School prides itself on providing an exemplary and modern education for all. With the educational goal of continuous improvement at our core, we see respect, persistence, pride, responsibility, personal excellence and care for others as critical to our children's success and to our success as a school.

At Kyneton Primary School enjoyment of school life is highly valued and there is a deep sense of community and of belonging. Our philosophy reflects a child-centred approach, characterised by a learning that is responsive to each child’s individual needs, talents and interests.  The school seeks to educate the whole child, including supporting their social and emotional development.

The school is passionate about helping our children to thrive in an ever changing world. We are proud to be in partnership with MAPPEN, a unique curriculum and professional learning package. This is a continuation of the excellent teaching and learning programs that this school has developed over the years. MAPPEN builds on, and extends our capacity to provide exemplary curriculum to meet our children’s needs. 

Through the delivery of MAPPEN students investigate concepts, skills and behaviours that are relevant to their success as 21st Century learners. The concepts they learn about are:

  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Social justice
  • Creativity
  • Identity
  • Change
  • Necessity
  • Curiosity

Regardless of which classroom your children are in, you can be confident that the content and quality of teaching will be consistent and rigorously applied across our school.  To learn more about the MAPPEN curriculum please visit the Programs section of our website.

An important aspect of our school is the use of assessment both for learning and of learning. It provides us with the capacity to report meaningfully to parents; and also provides the benchmark data that is monitored to ensure that as a school, we are living up to our high expectations in terms of student learning outcomes.

Our qualified teaching staff undertake continuous professional learning in order to ensure that they are at the edge of current educational research and are able to effectively use acknowledged ‘best practice' in learning and teaching methodologies. This is evidenced through our commitment to on-going action-research and specialist consultancy.

We aim to foster strong partnerships between home and school as our school recognises that the best educational opportunities are provided when a positive relationship exists between these two environments. We seek to create a real sense of belonging, involvement and working together, in order to support children to reach their full potential. We look forward to working with you and encourage you to become actively involved both in your children’s education and the various activities offered by the school.

Kyneton Primary School has received government funding for the provision of a new F-6 campus on vacant land located in Edgecombe St, Kyneton.  This new 3.5 ha site is adjacent to the existing Kyneton Secondary College and in close proximity to the Kyneton Sports & Aquatic Centre. Within the school’s pedagogical vision our new school will continue supporting a culture of warm co-operation and respect that embraces all members of the wider school community.  The new Kyneton Primary School will provide a purposeful, agile, contemporary and sustainable education facility for the future which is planned to be opened early to mid-2017.  

On behalf of our families, staff and School Council, I welcome you to Kyneton Primary School. I look forward to seeing you around the school and Kyneton community.

Alistair Rayner


About our school

Kyneton Primary School is proud of its achievements in student learning and the growth that our students make over their time at our school.

Our school has a continual focus on using data to determine the individual needs of each student. Teachers design explicit learning experiences that build on each student’s current knowledge base.

Kyneton Primary School staff are also ongoing learners who keep abreast of best practice in education and strive to develop teaching and learning programs that match the needs of all students.

In 2015 we are focussing on maintaining and further developing our consistent approach to explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy skills so that all students experience success and are developed to their fullest potential.

Student learning

According to the Attitudes to School Survey undertaken by year 5 and 6 students, their sense of connectedness to peers and student morale is high. Our year 5/6 students indicated that they feel happy and positive at school. They rate classroom behaviour as excellent and indicate that they feel safe at school.

Our focus in 2015 is on further developing student perception of the importance of education in their lives. We will also continue to focus on improving conssitend attendance through regular communication with parents and students.

Our school uses Restorative Practices. This process is based on the development of a healthy relationship between teacher and student. Restorative practices assist teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships. Students build the capacity to self regulate their behaviour which contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes. 

As a result, student and teacher surveys have shown that they work in a stimulating, safe environment where teaching and learning is of prime importance.

We are also introducing the Bounce Back program in 2015 which focusses on resiliency and wellbeing.

Engagement & wellbeing

Pathways & transition

The Transition Program at Kyneton Primary School is regularly rated by parents in the annual parent Opinion Survey as a significant strength.

Our School offers transition sessions for all students, at all levels of the school.  Kyneton Primary School has a strong Buddy program that matches new preps with a senior student who forms a solid, supportive relationship with them. The school has great links with both the feeder preschools and local secondary schools. Throughout the year, there are a range of cross campus activities. These are a major tool in preparing students for a new campus but also strengthen the bonds that are developing in line with the K-12 Kyneton Education Plan and the development of a new vision for government schooling in Kyneton.

Kyneton Primary School is conscious of the need for transition between year levels and works to make certain that students are placed in the learning community that is most appropriate for them. Teachers regularly meet to moderate and ensure that there is a smooth and supportive progression of teaching and learning across the year levels.


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